Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 16th Jan 2003 03:04 UTC
Graphics, User Interfaces One of the most important visual parts of any operating system is of course, the fonts. Many times users on the net have argued about bad quality fonts used (installed by default) on alternative OSes. For the companies or individuals who would like to resolve such issues and create original and high quality fonts for their OSes (and not just for OSes), I would like to introduce them to FontLab 4.5.1.
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by Strike on Thu 16th Jan 2003 18:27 UTC

PFAedit does support TrueType, it's just that the hinting sucks. Besides, you said As you can see this is the one application for font creation for your OS. - well, not MY OS anyway ;)

And to whoever suggested scanning and reverse engineering fonts - that's okay for very simplistic sans serif fonts (and still not easy), but once you get into hinting, kerning, and everything else that makes fonts scale well and look great everywhere, it's a huge undertaking.