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Original OSNews Interviews The days of the plain filesystems like FAT32 and ext2 seem to have past. Newer operating systems are offering journal, 64-bit filesystems, with features like supporting terrabytes of filesizes or attaching attributed meta-data in them. Today we are interviewing (in a given set of questions) the main people behind IBM's JFS, NameSys' ReiserFS and SGI's XFS. Read on about the status of their filesystems, their abilities and what they are aiming for the future.
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JFS on OS/2 is fine
by Lennart Gahm on Thu 6th Sep 2001 09:20 UTC

I saw someone here claiming that Warp Server for eBusiness was in beta last year. Not true. If i look on the timestamps on the GA version of WSeB files it says 990416. While the preview (or called by som, beta) says 981012. The first generations of JFS had some bugs but things has happends since 1999, the latest JFS realese (that i have used) from 010622 has so far been flawless. On accidantly shutdown servers, chkdsk on 10GB JFS volumes takes up to 10 minutes, while chkdsk on 1GB HPFS volumes can take 30 minutes (both on Ultra160). I have, so far, not lost any file on JFS. On thing that is bad on JFS for OS/2 is that it is not an bootable filesystem. You need to put your bootpartitiation on something else, like HPFS for OS/2. Now waiting for the client eComStation who also has JFS.