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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "For the last few weeks I have been reporting on the development cycle of Mandrake 9.1. Then, the presence of an ISO image for Mandrake PPC 9.1 Beta 1 piqued my curiosity, and some days later two ISO images for Mandrake PPC 9.1 Beta 2 were made available on the various mandrake mirrors. Among my obsol... err, I mean, my old computers, I have a 350 MHz iMac which hasn't seen much use for the last 8 months. So without any extraordinary expectations, I decided to attempt the installation of this different flavour of Mandrake Linux. I was in for a few good surprises..." Read the article at DistroWatch.
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Mandrake for ppc
by patrick_darcy on Fri 14th Feb 2003 04:49 UTC

hi eugenia ;)

its kinda funny but after reading about u getting a mac the other
day i was gonna come here and give u the address so u could
do a *thourough* review.

why dont u review the Mandrake for ppc and tell us what u think

;) ;) ;)

by by