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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "For the last few weeks I have been reporting on the development cycle of Mandrake 9.1. Then, the presence of an ISO image for Mandrake PPC 9.1 Beta 1 piqued my curiosity, and some days later two ISO images for Mandrake PPC 9.1 Beta 2 were made available on the various mandrake mirrors. Among my obsol... err, I mean, my old computers, I have a 350 MHz iMac which hasn't seen much use for the last 8 months. So without any extraordinary expectations, I decided to attempt the installation of this different flavour of Mandrake Linux. I was in for a few good surprises..." Read the article at DistroWatch.
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OS X is annoying
by Steve George on Fri 14th Feb 2003 22:32 UTC

I think it's really interesting that people think Linux is difficult and Mac OSX easier to use. I bought a powerbook as I need to be able to run Office for work. OS X is great and generally I have no issues. But overall I would change back to Linux in a snap as for me personally the overall experience is much better. Three things that constantly chaff at me are that:

1) Alt-tab is weird as it's between applications rather than between windows in an application. If you're trying to use two text documents or similar it's a pain.
2) There are no virtual desktops and no first class replacements. The ability to use alt-<right_arrow> and have a fresh desktop is something I really miss.
3) AppleMail doesn't hack it in comparison to Evolution. It doesn't do threading for a start; good things are it handles pgp properly which evo doesn't.

For me using Linux on the desktop is a great experience with the anti-aliasing stuff and the major applications I use.

There is no doubt that Mac OSX does lots and lots of things right so I'm not saying that Linux is better on the desktop. Just for me personally, I find Linux saner and the my personal requirements are dealt with better.