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SGI and IRIX "A long time ago, in an economy far, far away, computer manufacturer Silicon Graphics Inc. was a powerful force. Hollywood studios courted its executives. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the company's colorful and whimsically named machines - "Indigo," "Crimson" and "Onyx," among others. [...] Not anymore. Consumed by its own ambition and wounded by the surging popularity of the free Linux operating system, SGI has lost its star power in Hollywood." Read the article at NewsObserver by P.J. Huffstutter.
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SGI never learned with its mistakes in the past...
by jsg on Wed 26th Feb 2003 08:35 UTC

The signs were already obvious when they started making x86 machines. The interesting thing is that it happened so fast and they never had the time to recover at all, with big outfits like ILM and Pixar doing almost all of their jobs in Linux clusters.

While you can still get Fuel and Octane 2 workstations, the changes seem more of cosmetic rather than performance oriented. The Altix line looks great, but will Holywood come? I don't think so. Not with hardware getting so cheap along with a rock solid OS that doesn't cost them a lot. Sure the Altix runs on 64-bit linux, but the buyers will determine if SGI still has a future to look forward too.