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SGI and IRIX "A long time ago, in an economy far, far away, computer manufacturer Silicon Graphics Inc. was a powerful force. Hollywood studios courted its executives. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the company's colorful and whimsically named machines - "Indigo," "Crimson" and "Onyx," among others. [...] Not anymore. Consumed by its own ambition and wounded by the surging popularity of the free Linux operating system, SGI has lost its star power in Hollywood." Read the article at NewsObserver by P.J. Huffstutter.
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It's the hardware, not the software
by marm on Wed 26th Feb 2003 11:26 UTC

SGI's death warrant was signed in 1994 when the first PC 3D accelerators appeared, and the knife was stuck in in 1996 when Intel introduced the Pentium Pro, the first x86 chip to really compete with the RISC CPUs. Since then it's all been downhill, not helped by a draining of the best 3D hardware talent to the likes of Nvidia, ATI and 3Dlabs.

Once the dog-eat-dog world of the PC market starts nibbling away at you there's not a lot you can do except try to embrace it and find a little niche to stay alive in, unless you're one of these behemoths like IBM or HP that has their hand in everything. In all honesty I think SGI has done a pretty good job of trying to find their niche and hold on tight while the PC avalanche goes past them. They might yet beat the grim reaper.

Linux has accelerated the process by making it easy for studios to switch from IRIX, but it would have happened with Windows if Linux wasn't around, it would just have taken longer. The price/performance ratio of PCs is just too good (even with the Microsoft tax) to pass up when performance is absolutely err... Paramount like it is with 3D animation.