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SGI and IRIX "A long time ago, in an economy far, far away, computer manufacturer Silicon Graphics Inc. was a powerful force. Hollywood studios courted its executives. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the company's colorful and whimsically named machines - "Indigo," "Crimson" and "Onyx," among others. [...] Not anymore. Consumed by its own ambition and wounded by the surging popularity of the free Linux operating system, SGI has lost its star power in Hollywood." Read the article at NewsObserver by P.J. Huffstutter.
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Re: Iggy
by Roberto J Dohnert on Wed 26th Feb 2003 11:49 UTC

" Everyone's talking about 64-bit processors in every article nowadays. Yet SGI have had 64-bit MIPS processors since the mid-nineties. Why not put them to use instead? "

Because back in those days SGI's were very expensive, even tho they were 64 bit people did what they had to do and go with what worked, the itanium in all reality is the most affordable 64 bit chip to date. In 94 when SGI put out its first 64 bit chip $100,000.00 was a bit much to pay. Suns sparc is also 64 bit but they also made the same mistakes. The day of proprietary UNIX is over, you will see more and more companies that used to produce proprietary UNIX variants either switch to Linux or go Bankrupt. If Apple computer is not careful it will also fall short and fall off the bandwagon. Linux will win in every category, not bad for a OS that started out as a hobby ;)