Linked by Adam S on Wed 30th Jan 2002 17:25 UTC
FreeBSD With more and more people migrating away from Microsoft's platforms, it's increasingly important for alternative operating systems to be well documented in order to attract and maintain new users. FreeBSD is already well documented; its on-line handbook is an extremely well detailed guide to the OS as a whole. But for the user new to FreeBSD, or even Unix as a whole, salvation may come in the form of SAMS' FreeBSD Unleashed by Michael Urban and Brian Tiemann.
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Not enough depth
by Hokan on Thu 31st Jan 2002 05:36 UTC

I like the book, it is a nice broad overview of FreeBSD, but I would prefer more depth. In particular networking got short shrift. I want more on NIS, NFS and AMD (FreeBSD's automount utility), as well as centralized monitoring.