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FreeBSD By now, anyone who is even remotely related to an IT-type position has heard about Linux, and has most likely used it, if only to see what all the hype is about. However, GNU/Linux is not the only "free" Unix type OS available. FreeBSD and its cousins, NetBSD and OpenBSD are all offshoots of BSD UNIX, a commercial UNIX also known as Berkeley Software Distribution. This article will help you learn more about FreeBSD, its differences from Linux, and it will ease a potential migration process.
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FBSD not a fun install
by Anonymous on Fri 1st Feb 2002 02:30 UTC

Ever try to install FBSD from a network with an old laptop? By god i just about went crazy trying to do it. Maybe its that i had only Linux experience and wasnt aware of how to properly add modules and such. But doing the same task with Debian took minutes. The support i got from #freebsd on OPN was far from good, i got mocked mostly for my lack of knowledge of the BSD system. But, i wont put that experience against what i think of FBSD, its known as one of the most stable OSes out there, and i think thats an important factor for ANY type of OS, not just servers.

And for that whole /usr/local thing: Debian GNU/Linux starts with a clean /usr/local/ directory, as does FBSD (so i've read). The difference is that when you use apt, you down the binaries which go in /usr/. But then whenever you compile stuff yourself, it goes in /usr/local/. Because in FBSD you are always compiling stuff yourself via ports, it goes in /usr/local/.