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FreeBSD By now, anyone who is even remotely related to an IT-type position has heard about Linux, and has most likely used it, if only to see what all the hype is about. However, GNU/Linux is not the only "free" Unix type OS available. FreeBSD and its cousins, NetBSD and OpenBSD are all offshoots of BSD UNIX, a commercial UNIX also known as Berkeley Software Distribution. This article will help you learn more about FreeBSD, its differences from Linux, and it will ease a potential migration process.
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by Anonymous on Fri 1st Feb 2002 15:08 UTC

"The support i got from #freebsd on OPN was far from good, i got mocked mostly for my lack of knowledge of the BSD system."

I'm sorry, but had you bothered reading the FAQ
you would have known that "#FreeBSDhelp on EFNet is a channel dedicated to helping FreeBSD users. They are much more sympathetic to questions then #FreeBSD is."

Next time you decide to try FreeBSD, please read the first few chapters of before you begin.
Good luck with your next FreeBSD-install ;)