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Debian and its clones If you are reading this, I assume you already know what the Linux kernel is and why you may want to update it. However, if you are accidentally reading this walkthrough, just happen to be running Linux, and have no idea what the kernel is or why you would want to update it, the next two paragraphs are for you (if you are looking instead into a less verbose and more generic way of updating your kernel on any Linux distro, read here). In a neophyte nutshell, the Linux kernel is the brain of the Linux system. It tells your system which file systems, hardware, protocols, etc. are supported. There is a lot more to it than that, of course, but I think that diminutive description will suffice for now.
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by Anonymous on Tue 4th Mar 2003 02:10 UTC

All I have to say is that Strike is one of the people who helped me the most when I first started using linux. I used to post on and he was probably the one who answered most of my questions and helped the most (not to mention he was probably the nicest one there, never once told me to RTFM). I think you are all being unfair to Strike, he never once said anything about reading TFM or that newbies suck. ALL he said was that the article could have included more about how easy Debian makes updating the kernel, namely using apt to install the source instead of downloading it yourself from Of course a newbie isn't going to understand what he wrote because HE DID NOT mean to sound elitist nor mean to replace the article. Are you all so big headed that you can't see he was merely showing a way the article could be improved. This was indeed a great article (excellent in fact), but it is obviously easier to use apt to install the kernel source than download it yourself. If we are trying to help newbies like me, wouldn't it make sense to include that in a tutorial such as this?

Anyway, you all need to lighten up and not misquote Strike. Realize that all he was saying was that Debian offered more ways to make installing kernels easier than the article suggested. He wasn't criticizing it, he wasn't trying to replace it and sound "l337". Get over yourselves.

Thanks once again for all your help on Strike ;)