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FreeBSD By now, anyone who is even remotely related to an IT-type position has heard about Linux, and has most likely used it, if only to see what all the hype is about. However, GNU/Linux is not the only "free" Unix type OS available. FreeBSD and its cousins, NetBSD and OpenBSD are all offshoots of BSD UNIX, a commercial UNIX also known as Berkeley Software Distribution. This article will help you learn more about FreeBSD, its differences from Linux, and it will ease a potential migration process.
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Calm down, guys...
by fifteen on Fri 1st Feb 2002 19:53 UTC

I've been using linux for more than 3 years before changing to FreeBSD, so I can say I know both. I really like both, but for different reasons. I have some web/dns/mail servers, and had some nasty experiences with the current linux distributions, so I've changed them to FreeBSD. For this task, it's way better for me, than struggling with 'gnu<->linux kernel<->distributions' wars, while I only need some stable, secure, and low maintainance time machines. But on the other hand on FreeBSD I cannot always have the level of multimedia support I could have under linux. And it's just one example. I advice linux for desktop use for my friends, use windows for playing, and freebsd for everyday work. All system has its place. The only question is will it do the job for You? I won't try playing Max Payne on my BSD, for it's not built for this purpose, neither will running anything serious on M$ stuff, but the only 100% sure way to choose the best one You need is trying them. And please, even after You've tried them, but was not satisfied with some feature or support in it, don't flame it. They're just different, like us ;) . G'nite ;) .