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FreeBSD By now, anyone who is even remotely related to an IT-type position has heard about Linux, and has most likely used it, if only to see what all the hype is about. However, GNU/Linux is not the only "free" Unix type OS available. FreeBSD and its cousins, NetBSD and OpenBSD are all offshoots of BSD UNIX, a commercial UNIX also known as Berkeley Software Distribution. This article will help you learn more about FreeBSD, its differences from Linux, and it will ease a potential migration process.
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by Roger Kaputtnik on Sat 2nd Feb 2002 11:38 UTC

think that a couple of things should have been made clear at the top. First of all, it's "UNIX", not "Unix." The Open Group, currently the owners of the name Hi

> Nor is "BSD" synonymous with "UNIX." Berkeley resold AT&T UNIX, with their own > value-added extensions and utilities. Many of these utilities are
> now freely available, and that's what you get in FreeBSD et al. What you > specifically don't get is UNIX.

Wuahhh. You dont know the history of UNIX.
In Berkeley they implemented TCP/IP years before System V (AT&T). SystemV took the TCP/IP Code from BSD. And, there is a lot more code who was first in BSD.
So, a lot of stuff you are using in a regular UNIX, is the Code of BSD.
So i would say BSD == UNIX.