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Graphics, User Interfaces So many operating systems and so many graphical desktop environments... This article is a comparison of the UI and usability of several Desktop Environments (DEs), that have been widely used, admired and reviled: Windows XP Luna, BeOS 6 (Dano/Zeta), Mac OS X Aqua and Unix's KDE and Gnome. Read on which one got our best score on our long term test and usage.
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re: review
by Bas on Tue 18th Mar 2003 07:04 UTC


I must say it was no suprise that WindwosXP won in your review
since you often point out that is what you like, find best, and use
all the time. No suprises here but to rate BeOS higher than
KDE or Gnome is completly bullsh*t. I use BeOS (yes its dead i know)
every day and i find it a very nice OS to use but with all
gimicks and features enabled it does not come even close to the functionality of kde2, left alone 3 and Gnome. You lack enormous fileds in the review, visability and usability (blind/deaf people) costs, scalability etc. Anyway MacOSX should be no 1 for me followed by KDE and Gnome.