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Graphics, User Interfaces So many operating systems and so many graphical desktop environments... This article is a comparison of the UI and usability of several Desktop Environments (DEs), that have been widely used, admired and reviled: Windows XP Luna, BeOS 6 (Dano/Zeta), Mac OS X Aqua and Unix's KDE and Gnome. Read on which one got our best score on our long term test and usage.
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re: The whole article is just a giant troll
by Joe on Tue 18th Mar 2003 12:21 UTC


How else can you explain BeOS's inclusion, for example?

Was wondering about that one too. This is the only site I ever see talking about this dead OS. I've never seen, heard, or known anybody or any organization that uses BeOS. I'm certaintly not saying it needs to be popular to be a good OS....just don't understand where is it being used, by who, and why.

Can it be considered primarily a hobbyist OS?