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Graphics, User Interfaces So many operating systems and so many graphical desktop environments... This article is a comparison of the UI and usability of several Desktop Environments (DEs), that have been widely used, admired and reviled: Windows XP Luna, BeOS 6 (Dano/Zeta), Mac OS X Aqua and Unix's KDE and Gnome. Read on which one got our best score on our long term test and usage.
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nice joke
by oGALAXYo on Tue 18th Mar 2003 16:51 UTC

7.30 for GNOME ? and KDE put down to dirt with 7.10 ? Dude you can't be serious. I mean your post is far from any reality. KDE is used by 5 times more Linux users than GNOME which you can verify on many votes and polls made on various pages even now on many more people talk about how much they prefer KDE and even on Slashdot these days no one even takes GNOME into mouth and you want to put it over KDE ? GNOME has nothing to offer, a crappy framework, no documentations, no tools, a horrible unesthetical UI and whatever and is not pleasing to use. I think that Eugenia valued all Desktops (and Operating Systems) more or less good she only undervalued KDE in 2 categories but I think she made this on purpose only to not put GNOME down to much. To give both Desktop Environments a chance to evolve but we know that KDE is simply better.