Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 20th Mar 2003 17:55 UTC
QNX The OpenQNX website reports that the QNX 6.2.1 Non-Commercial is released quietly.
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John Fehr
by Dave Rempel on Fri 21st Mar 2003 02:23 UTC

Normally I lurk here, Chris does most of the talking, but I think I should step in here.

Unfortunately John's not here anymore. He quit a little while ago due to personal reasons. Gonna miss that guy. He did some great work while he was here.

As for the NC iso being available, not sure what's in there myself. I know there were some packaging bugs that delayed the release of NC (some libs were missing), users who use that iso I think are going to be using it at their own risk. It's not supposed to be officially released yet anyway from what I was told today. It should be released *very* soon, so people might want to wait a bit before trying it.