Linked by Peter Olsen on Tue 25th Mar 2003 00:41 UTC
Linux The new Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 brings recent Linux user interface improvements to the PowerPC architecture. Smooth, anti-aliased fonts and the clean, refined style of Red Hat's Blue Curve theme make this a beautiful creation to look at. There are screenshots here, though they aren't big enough to really do it justice.
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RE: System requirements?
by Eugenia on Mon 24th Mar 2003 19:33 UTC

>would these run YDL with any sort of speed or would it be appallingly slow?

Depends what you need to do. YDL 3 is based on Red Hat 8.x. Red Hat recommends a fast Pentium (166 or 200 Mhz) for text-based operations and at least 128 MB and 400 MHz for X11 graphical operations. So, if you want to run X, that machine is slow. If you want to run a home server, it should be on the limits of "fine". Remember that GCC for PPC is not as good on optimizing code as it is on x86, therefore the 200 Mhz of PPC might not reveal as much power than a 200 Mhz Pentium MMX machine. On the other hand, the PPC 200 Mhz, might be faster than a Pentium 200 on raw speed. So *overall*, at around 200 Mhz, you are in your limits of running YDL or Red Hat as a home server, but it might be adequate for your needs. But it certainly is not enough for X/KDE/Gnome (at least as Red Hat recommends).