Linked by Peter Olsen on Tue 25th Mar 2003 00:41 UTC
Linux The new Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 brings recent Linux user interface improvements to the PowerPC architecture. Smooth, anti-aliased fonts and the clean, refined style of Red Hat's Blue Curve theme make this a beautiful creation to look at. There are screenshots here, though they aren't big enough to really do it justice.
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thanks Richard...
by johnG on Tue 25th Mar 2003 02:27 UTC

...though, perhaps part of the problem is that I don't have a .xinitrc file. If I'm supposed to create it, I surely don't yet know what I'm to put in it.

I do however have a /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc file. It just sources /etc/X11/Xsession -- and I'm not familiar enough with shell scripts to see if I'm supposed to pass something in (ie. startx blackbox).

Redhat 8 comes with /usr/bin/switchdesk which looks like it would do what I need. I still don't know enough about apt to go and get/install this (if it's even available).

I'd heard something about something called debconf, but I can't find that on my system.

Interestingly enough, when I was using the laptop yesterday, upon booting I was just given a login and a console (from which I ran startx to get into KDE). I just turned the computer on, but this time I had a graphical debian login screen and a small console X window that hung around even after KDE started. Weird.


Oh, also, hibridmatthias, rather than:
iBook 700 MHz? Sounds like YDL is *made* for you. ;)

I meant to write:

You mean an iBook 700 MHz?

Regardless, it sounds like YDL is *made* for you. ;)