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Linux The new Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 brings recent Linux user interface improvements to the PowerPC architecture. Smooth, anti-aliased fonts and the clean, refined style of Red Hat's Blue Curve theme make this a beautiful creation to look at. There are screenshots here, though they aren't big enough to really do it justice.
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by elmo on Tue 25th Mar 2003 08:31 UTC

Dear montanus,

Firstly I did not try to argue with anyone - I was simply asking some questions. Now if that is too much for you, i.e if you are too sensitive to cope with a little bit of questioning and discussions, then maybe you should not use Forums as that is what they are for - discussions in a civilized manner, voicing opinions and so on.

Now here a quote from the article:
>>Linux is still not for the faint of heart. Mac OS X is a much better experience for anyone who wants to avoid the command line. And with Apple's beta version of X Windows, Mac OS X really can do almost anything that YDL can do. It even has apt-get, thanks to the Fink project.<<

This was exactly my point - if i buy an apple mac, then there really is no reason why i should run linux on it, apart from having no proir experience with linux and being curious, even if i like the hardware i have to think if that is really worth the extra money, when i can run Linux on cheaper hardware, being able to do the same things and even have a wider choice of hardware - or the other way round if i know i want to use linux, i would not buy an imac.

now of course everybody is entitled to do what they want and run whatever os they want on whatever hardware they want - that is why i was just curious and i for myself cannot see any benefits (as the author stated: yellow dog is a niche within a niche). and of course there will be those who like to tinker,play around, fiddle do whatever with their system and that is great, so be it - and most people did state simply why they want to or would use yellow dog. so luckily not everybody on this forum gets out their flamethrowers straight away - could it be that you are a little bit highly strung ??? i suggest you take a cold shower to cool off a little bit!

Well so much from me