Linked by Peter Olsen on Tue 25th Mar 2003 00:41 UTC
Linux The new Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 brings recent Linux user interface improvements to the PowerPC architecture. Smooth, anti-aliased fonts and the clean, refined style of Red Hat's Blue Curve theme make this a beautiful creation to look at. There are screenshots here, though they aren't big enough to really do it justice.
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by Anonymous on Tue 25th Mar 2003 17:48 UTC

enough already.

many of use are proficient on many platforms. i have intel, AMD, alpha, 68040 macs, g3macs, g4macs...etc. and i'm calling bullshit on you sir.

if you prefer to call Apple's marketing material as "propaganda"...then by your standards, microsoft, redhat, intel, Adobe, Terrasoft, and AMD must be propagandist as well.

if you can't separate reality from the hype of any company, i don't see how your limited reasoning abilities are going to prevent you from being dissappointed by any other platform.

Personally, I am content with Adobe products on x86 architecture, but unlike you, i'm not naive enough to confuse my preference with truth.

Do any google search, and you will find plenty of info on Adobe. They are like any other company. They have their good points, and bad points. They have made their fair share of unpopular decisions as well.


if you were to believe your own propaganda, what kind of idiot agrees that adobe software is slower on apple hardware, then turns around and chooses, lo and behold...PPC HARDWARE RUNNING LINUX?

let met get this straight, you make fun of people who use apple, then you agree that adobe software is slower on apple's ppc hardware, then in the same breath you state that you will go with a PPC system, running software that does not have native adobe software?

what a troll.

why don't you get back to us when those PPC motherboards are shipping. many of us will likely be using 4ghz pentium 4s, 2ghz opterons, and power4 based apples.