Linked by Marc A. Mironescu on Mon 31st Mar 2003 17:18 UTC
Slackware, Slax Slackware is the oldest surviving Linux distribution out there. For those who believe that Slackware was the first Linux distribution I have news, because SLS was before Slackware, but that is another story. It is the most *NIX like distribution and has borrowed many of the things we can find in BSD *NIX. Here is a mini-review of their latest release, 9.0.
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networking great? hmm...
by KOMPRESSOR on Mon 31st Mar 2003 18:52 UTC

I have to disagree that slackware's net config is one of the best. I have had a lot of trouble with getting it to do certain things the way I want.

I have two slackware machines right now, one running 8.0 and the other 8.1. I use the 8.1 machine as a file server.

The file server is hooked up to an 8-port switch and has 3 ethernet cards (to take advantage of the switch--I can get very fast streams out of it from multiple systems this way). HOWEVER, slackware 8.1 made it very difficult to get all of the ethernet cards working. Use of the default tools only configures eth0; I had to manually edit my rc.inet1 to get the other two cards working properly. Hopefully the tools for this have improved...

I still like slackware because it's easy to find my way around the /etc directory; but I'm thinking of converting to Gentoo because of the package management issue which (IMHO) was glossed over a little bit in the article and is a major achilles heel for Slack as it tries to keep up with more modern distros.

Just my 0010 cents.