Linked by Marc A. Mironescu on Mon 31st Mar 2003 17:18 UTC
Slackware, Slax Slackware is the oldest surviving Linux distribution out there. For those who believe that Slackware was the first Linux distribution I have news, because SLS was before Slackware, but that is another story. It is the most *NIX like distribution and has borrowed many of the things we can find in BSD *NIX. Here is a mini-review of their latest release, 9.0.
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Sound Blasters, et al.
by Pararox on Mon 31st Mar 2003 22:52 UTC

In regards to Darius' SBLive card, you can quickly compile support into the kernel, or just load the module. The module name is emu10k1. Audigy2 support is *indeed* supported in the kernel. I believe (though you'll have to take this with a grain of salt) that if it isn't based off the old emu10k1 chipset, a patch has been released. Slackware has patched the vanilla kernel with this to enable support for this popular sound package.

Slackware is undoubtedly the reigning champion. I have used it for years; you can learn on Red Hat and use it to good success, but you aren't truly learning about unix. Working with Slackware, you can have a great personal/professional box(es), and additionally gain transportable skills, that can be moved to Solaris, BSD, etc...