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Slackware, Slax Slackware is the oldest surviving Linux distribution out there. For those who believe that Slackware was the first Linux distribution I have news, because SLS was before Slackware, but that is another story. It is the most *NIX like distribution and has borrowed many of the things we can find in BSD *NIX. Here is a mini-review of their latest release, 9.0.
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Re: GetOutofHer
by Darius on Tue 1st Apr 2003 05:45 UTC

to eject type
'eject /mnt/cdrom'

Cool, thanks. I got tired of having to reboot the computer just to eject the damn CD ;) heh

inux documentation project for the brave

I'm not trolling here, but some of these documents seem to be out of date, so how do you know which ones still 'work' and which ones don't? For example, the Font HowTo is dated back to July of 2002. Will this work for XFree4.3 ???