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Slackware, Slax Slackware is the oldest surviving Linux distribution out there. For those who believe that Slackware was the first Linux distribution I have news, because SLS was before Slackware, but that is another story. It is the most *NIX like distribution and has borrowed many of the things we can find in BSD *NIX. Here is a mini-review of their latest release, 9.0.
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Fresh install
by ragedcx on Tue 1st Apr 2003 07:56 UTC

I just installed Slackware 9.0 moving from Red Hat 8.0. The installer only took a few minutes to figure out. My main issue was with cfdisk and only because I had never used it. Once I got the partitioning set up the rest of the install was a breeze. I did redo the install once, and that was to remove MySQL and PHP from the install routine. I have played with Linux for years off and on, but am by no means up to OSNews readers standards. I wanted to install MySQL and PHP from scratch so they would be where the documentation from the vendors said they would be. Why do distros insist on putting these programs in different places than the vendor docs suggest? Just my two cents, but I think Linux would be a lot more new user friendly if the distros would agree to install the packages in a more consistant way.

The best part of Slackware for me, though, has to be that it doesn't start any of the installed servers by default. I had a HUGE slow down issue with Red Hat 8.0 and Gnome until I shutdown all those extra services. With Slackware I just set what I wanted.