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Original OSNews Interviews The main commercial company behind NetBSD is Wasabi Systems. The company has contributed advances and big chunks of code to the open source project, while they do offer a boxed release of NetBSD. However, their main business for the company is the embedded market and NetBSD is marketed as an embedded OS. Today, we talk to the Vice President of Wasabi Systems, Jay Michaelson.
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1 MB RAM just for the kernel?
And that supposed to be for embedded systems? Well, back in the day unix was running on a 64 KB kernel and it could support up to 50 users... Sure, this is not the '70s anymore, however, embedded systems hardware for commodity devices are STILL not powerful in general (e.g. cheap mobile phones are only one example out of many), and they come with a big shortage in memory. Most commodity devices come with 128 KB to 1 MB of memory overall..
So, how Wasabi's NetBSD fits to this market reality? What kind of devices are you running on in the first place?