Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 3rd Apr 2003 17:16 UTC
Original OSNews Interviews The main commercial company behind NetBSD is Wasabi Systems. The company has contributed advances and big chunks of code to the open source project, while they do offer a boxed release of NetBSD. However, their main business for the company is the embedded market and NetBSD is marketed as an embedded OS. Today, we talk to the Vice President of Wasabi Systems, Jay Michaelson.
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NetBSD is not just embedded
by MobyTurbo on Thu 3rd Apr 2003 08:09 UTC

Although NetBSD has many strengths in the embedded field, it has strengths in the traditional Unix domains of servers, workstations, and even desktops.

For the desktop sphere, Mozilla, your favorite X Windows window manager, and over 3,000 other programs in pkgsrc (what FreeBSD calls ports) all can be installed out of the box. It's overall elegance in drivers handle the hetrogenic PC market in the case of what I use, the i386 port. (NetBSD was the first *nix to support USB, for example. It's not always ahead of Linux of course in driver support, but typically when something is (frequently) available, it's implemented in a correct fashion.)

Many other details of correctness exist. The code is elegant, the man pages are actually useful, and it's Unix goodness to someone who loves Unix rather than merely hating Microsoft. :-) NetBSD seems to be the best kept secret in the open source world... It's not just for your toaster. ;-)