Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 3rd Apr 2003 20:54 UTC, submitted by Nicolas Roard
OpenStep, GNUstep Nicolas writes: "This is an article I wrote with Fabien Vallon about GNUstep, published previously in Linux-mag in France, along with an interview of three core developpers of the GNUstep's project."
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Cocoa/OpenStep is BRILLIANT!
by Jared White on Thu 3rd Apr 2003 22:26 UTC

It's almost disgusting how easy it is to write fairly complex programs under Cocoa/OpenStep. Objective-C combined with powerful foundation classes is really only a small step up in difficulty from "light" programming languages such as VB, PHP, or Perl. I'm working on some innovative software right now that I plan to release for OS X by the end of the year, and it's only possible because of Cocoa. Perhaps I'll start working on a port to GNUstep as well.