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OpenStep, GNUstep Nicolas writes: "This is an article I wrote with Fabien Vallon about GNUstep, published previously in Linux-mag in France, along with an interview of three core developpers of the GNUstep's project."
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by Sean on Fri 4th Apr 2003 05:45 UTC

They wrote an article that was technical enough for hard core people to be interested in without leaving the general computer user behind!

This could be a silver bullet for Linux. If they get it running on Windows well enough for freeware/shareware/commercial developers to use as a framework it would mean a lot more "mainstream" software for Linux. Bundles make the OPENSTEP spec really enticing. No more executing shell scripts. Just double click a folder with the .app extrnsion and the program launches. Not to mention the fact that it allows you to combine programs intended for multiple platforms.

It would be nice if a few people rallied behind this well-documented, mature, planned system and began creating applications. It would really simplify things like installing applications (you just have to download a folder bundle) and getting compiled software for non-x86 platforms (since multiple platforms can be accommodated in one bundle).

Also, while Mac OS X doesn't have the number of applications that Windows does, it does have its fair share of quality apps. Source compatibility would mean that a lot of cool apps could come to Linux (including OmniWeb - still the best DESIGNED web browser even if it has become a little slow rendering the complex pages that are common today and Frogblast). It would encourage OS X developers to use Cocoa/OPENSTEP. Further, if they could get it running on Windows (NeXT did have OPENSTEP running on WinNT) it would REALLY give developers the incentive to write for GNUStep to run on Windows, Linux and Macintosh! Think of the possibilities! GNUStep becomming the defacto development platform once developers realise the benefit of being able to support so many operating systems using the same code! Linux having all of the apps (well, except MSFT ones) that Windows and OS X do!

Sorry, I'm just seeing a world of possibilities that, for the first time in too long, could take Microsoft head on because their system is clearly better - no caveats like the current weird way of adding Linux programs (not meant as flame bait, it's just that even with management tools I can't figure out how to avoid problems. I do just fine with apt-get, but I prefer more commercial distros than Debian - hey, I like bluecurve) or Linux's varing by application behavior and widgets (GNUStep/OPENSTEP/Cocoa make sure that all applications function the same with the same feel - this is something that even Windows often lacks). GNUStep/OPENSTEP/Cocoa applications can be written soooo much faster than traditional applications and Windows compatibility (which isn't as much of a pipe dream as I make it seem) would mean that developers could create Windows applications 10 times faster than they currently do with the added bonus of Linux and Macintosh compatibility. Not to mention how polished the programs come out.

I just can't seem to stop talking. Just excited to see some action in this camp!