Linked by Eugenia Loli on Thu 3rd Apr 2003 17:16 UTC
Original OSNews Interviews The main commercial company behind NetBSD is Wasabi Systems. The company has contributed advances and big chunks of code to the open source project, while they do offer a boxed release of NetBSD. However, their main business for the company is the embedded market and NetBSD is marketed as an embedded OS. Today, we talk to the Vice President of Wasabi Systems, Jay Michaelson.
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Embedded systems
by WattsM on Fri 4th Apr 2003 08:47 UTC

The idea that even a 1M kernel is huge for embedded systems these days is, well, getting archaic. Companies like Micromint are still selling 8051-based microcontrollers with 64K RAM, sure--but they're not even running operating systems, generally, just dedicated applications. Even current generation Z80 chips like the eZ80F9x have a 16M linear address space. When you're talking about even moderately complex applications, NetBSD's requirements for a kernel aren't outrageous.