Linked by Nicholas Blachford on Sun 10th Feb 2002 17:37 UTC
Editorial "This will end up being one of the world's worst investments, I'm afraid," - David House, former Intel chief of corporate strategy said in the early 1990s. I've been fasinated by microprocessors for years and have been following the Merced debacle since back in 1994 when HP and Intel announced they were getting together to make some amazing new technology.
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Itanium sucks...
by mterlouw on Mon 11th Feb 2002 01:31 UTC

Raptor, he's referring to the way Intel maps the CISC instruction set to RISC instructions internally on the latest Pentiums. I'm guessing there is no way to bypass the CISC instruction decoder. The existance of a uniform instruction format for the RISC microcode is extremely unlikely.

lipstick lesbian, the Itanium has a LOT more going for it than just VLIW (even though the VLIW in Itanium is a complete waste unless you're using a compiler that optimizes for explicit paralellism). I agree the Itanium sucks, for different reasons, but Transmeta has a looooong way to go to compete with the raw power of the Itanium.