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Original OSNews Interviews The main commercial company behind NetBSD is Wasabi Systems. The company has contributed advances and big chunks of code to the open source project, while they do offer a boxed release of NetBSD. However, their main business for the company is the embedded market and NetBSD is marketed as an embedded OS. Today, we talk to the Vice President of Wasabi Systems, Jay Michaelson.
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by sam on Fri 4th Apr 2003 16:40 UTC

>>>>The money saved here is in memory and ancillery chips.

Not necessarily --- because QNX and VxWorks have even smaller footprints. So if NetBSD can do it with a 486, QNX/Vxworks can do it with a 386. If NetBSD needs 4 Meg of RAM, QNX/Vxworks can do it with 2 Meg of RAM.

And pricing for QNX/VxWorks are all over the place --- most of the disposible ink-jet printers (where the price of ink refill is greater than the printer itself) runs on vxworks ---- per unit royalty for QNX/VxWorks can be less than $1 per ink-jet printer or more than thousands of dollars per MRI machines in hospitals.

So there are always the probably that the cost of per unit royalty for QNX/VxWorks to be less than the cost of increased hardware requirement if NetBSD is used.