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OpenStep, GNUstep Nicolas writes: "This is an article I wrote with Fabien Vallon about GNUstep, published previously in Linux-mag in France, along with an interview of three core developpers of the GNUstep's project."
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by Nicolas Roard on Fri 4th Apr 2003 18:21 UTC

@smoerk & Sean :

well, on windows it currently use the same look as on linux
(see for example).

For the moment, there is no theme available; but some works was done : . But it's not yet released.

@William Ray Barker :

Well, you pretty much describe the LinuxSTEP goals ... SimplyGNUstep isn't so ambitious, it's just a linux distro with GNUstep softwares preinstalled. I think LinuxSTEP is a far more (but a longer) interessting approach.

@johnG :

Well, GNUstep isn't a "desktop" (as in "a bunch of apps working together"), but a programming framework for gui and non-gui programs, which provide thoses programs many interessting ways to cooperate with them (services, pasteboard, distributed object, etc.).
A GNUstep-based desktop, which could take care of delivering a set of applications, would be great, but it doesn't exist for the moment.

WindowMaker is the preffered X11WM for GNUstep because it's the one which handle the best GNUstep's programs characteristics. Anyway, you could launch GNUstep apps with another WM, as any other X11 apps.

There are 2 window managers programmed using ObjC and the GNUstep framework :

But they aren't very stable yet. Anyway, having a working dedicated WM for GNUstep would be great, because things could cooperate better, and things could be included directly in the WM (like the file manager), as it was on NeXT.