Linked by Nicholas Blachford on Sun 10th Feb 2002 17:37 UTC
Editorial "This will end up being one of the world's worst investments, I'm afraid," - David House, former Intel chief of corporate strategy said in the early 1990s. I've been fasinated by microprocessors for years and have been following the Merced debacle since back in 1994 when HP and Intel announced they were getting together to make some amazing new technology.
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Sounds familiar to me...
by JoBBo on Mon 11th Feb 2002 16:43 UTC

> Yet, offloading IO tasks to specialised processors or
> spicifically programmed IO processors takes a whole
> burden from the central processor, allowing it to run the
> OS more efficient.

Heh, you're describing Jay Miner's concept for the Amiga technology...

-> many different specialised processors = Amiga's "custom chips" !!