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Original OSNews Interviews Those of you who had been following my articles at BeNews last year, you probably remember the France-based RealTech-VR and their effort to bring a Direct3D-to-OpenGL wrapper to the BeOS. The company paused most of that effort when was clear that BeOS was stopped being developed, but after pressure from the community, they have now open sourced their D3D-2-GL implementation and work has already started to port the wrapper to MacOS and Linux in an effort to bring Direct 3D to more alternative operating systems. Today we feature a mini-interview with Stephane Denis of RealTech-VR about the implementation.
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Re: I prefer SDL
by Steve on Wed 13th Feb 2002 17:38 UTC

"Who cares about DX?"

About 99% of every game studio/publishers :-)

"surely that wrapper wil make easier have quick and dirty conversion but for starting projects SDL+GL is a better choice IMHO complexity wise and portability wise(including Ps2 HW"

Never underestimate the power of the market share :-)
Windows + XBox = DirectX. Which is way sufficient at the eyes of game publishers management ...