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Original OSNews Interviews A few days ago we featured an interview with one of Fink's project leaders regarding their package management solution which breeds more Unix software to MacOSX. Today, we host an interview with Jordan Hubbard regarding the DarwinPorts, speaking for the DarwinPorts Team which a similar effort to bring more Unix software on Mac OS X. Jordan is currently working at Apple and OpenDarwin (while many will know Jordan as the FreeBSD co-founder).
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RE Debman
by Iconoclast on Tue 15th Apr 2003 19:25 UTC

Well, Jordan has provided us with an answer. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems TCL was in part due to preference (as Debman suggested). I can't blame anybody for using what they like. Isn't it great to have the freedom to choose? I think so.

I did want to comment on this part of Debman's post though:
Python while it does impose strick controls on how you get stuff done is a great is easy to learn, easy to read, easy to manage, and powerful. and since it used TK or realy any widget set you liek there is no reason not to use it over tcl.

I agree. Python is a great language. At first I hated the way it made you indent the body of functions, classes, loops, etc. However, after working on a project with other programmers using Python, I found this feature of the language very handy. It forced everybody to write code that was ledgible and easier to maintain.

I do disagree with the TKinter comment though. TKinter is a good reason NOT to use Python in my opinion. ;) Fortunately, there are other graphics frameworks, such as my personal favorite wxPython, which make Python really really cool for programming GUIs. In fact, wxPython provides me with what I always wanted out of Java, but never quite got.