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Original OSNews Interviews A few days ago we featured an interview with one of Fink's project leaders regarding their package management solution which breeds more Unix software to MacOSX. Today, we host an interview with Jordan Hubbard regarding the DarwinPorts, speaking for the DarwinPorts Team which a similar effort to bring more Unix software on Mac OS X. Jordan is currently working at Apple and OpenDarwin (while many will know Jordan as the FreeBSD co-founder).
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Re: Tcl (by anon)
by Brian Hawley on Wed 16th Apr 2003 19:39 UTC

RMS believed it was a limited language and a bad foundation

Can't say much about the language limits, as all languages have limitations that enable you to structure your code properly (except maybe Perl, where most don't care). The bad foundation criticism was quite valid once, but not starting with TCL 8 and its new interpreter. I wouldn't be surprised if RMS's comment was outdated when he made it, though.

For example, Hubbard's criticism of Python is weird; I've never known anyone to have problems with whitespace. Can anyone maintain code where the indentation isn't aligned?

The problem with Python whitespace handling comes when some people use spaces to indent and others use tabs. The code looks like it's indented the same to the naked eye, but not to Python. The naked eye's interpretation is used by the maintainer and Python's is used by the interpreter (or whatever) - if they don't coincide, then the code is unmaintainable. You can't assume that tabs correspond to the same number of spaces either, as that varies based on the editor settings. Python is why most Linux code editors make whitespace visible (a rarity outside of Linux), so you can see your syntax.

Other than that, I have no major problems with either language.