Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 18th Apr 2003 23:10 UTC
OS/2 and eComStation The OS/2-eZine site features a mini-review of eComStation's 1.1 golden master copy. OSNews has in its hands an... even newer build, and we will be featuring a review soon too.
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Re: emey
by Alex (The Original) on Sat 19th Apr 2003 10:01 UTC

Well, WinXP, WinME, Win98, even Win95 does work!!!

Yep that is true and that's why I use Windows XP at this very moment and I have been using Windows since Windows 95 and not pirated copies but I have actually paid for them all. I am willing to pay for something that works! So, why I have a strong support for eCS? Because it's easy to use. I started to hate Linux, I have spent so much time and money for it and it's still light years away in usability on the desktop. It's 2003 and it can't even display descent fonts! Lucky if one out of 10 programs installs successfully without throwing some sort of error and if no errors then god help us finding out where the program gets installed and finding out the executable's name to launch it. And in terms of GUI consistency, a real disaster.

Unless some sort of Install framework is created and fix the rest of the issues, Linux will never reach the desktop. I am glad to have a choice for the desktop on the x86 platform, a REAL choice, eComStation.