Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 18th Apr 2003 23:10 UTC
OS/2 and eComStation The OS/2-eZine site features a mini-review of eComStation's 1.1 golden master copy. OSNews has in its hands an... even newer build, and we will be featuring a review soon too.
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by wlsb on Sat 19th Apr 2003 13:11 UTC

1.0, and yes I read the article..

the changes, some driver updates, ecenter, read only ntfs support, browser update.

see, to someone who's stuck on OS/2 this is a great update.. because OS/2 has been pretty static since Warp 4. but, again as I look over the changes there's no major development happening. since Warp 4 there has been nothing except maintenance updates, even eCS has just given us maintenance updates.

every other major OS in the last 10 years has come miles and miles as far as usability and architecture. OS/2 lost favour in IBM, and that was the end. unless there's some major surprise ahead, there will never be a revolutionary change. fine, but evolution isn't getting OS/2 anywhere either.

again, not trying to troll. if you love OS/2, you'll love it that eCS is making a valiant effort at keeping OS/2 current. my problem is that for the non-OS/2 world, firing eCS up is like going through a time warp.

in the win 3.1 days this OS was the %@#&, these days is showing it's age. I would imagine 9 out of 10 windows users looking for an alternative would find it harder to use eCS as a desktop OS than Linux + KDE or gnome... maybe if they lived through DOS/Windows or OS/2 the first time they might be able to get by, but as I earlier it was a pain trying to remember how to do things. do you have any idea how long it's been since I've had to deal with a config.sys on anything more than a boot disk?