Linked by Mike Reed on Tue 22nd Apr 2003 19:02 UTC
Red Hat I keep reading all these tales of woe of people having bad experiences with Linux. Sure, I've had my own bad experiences, across many an OS, but just lately I've been running a Red Hat Linux 9 desktop full-time at home and have yet to run into any major issue. What follows is an overview of my personal experiences with Linux. But first, a bit about me.
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There have been so many RedHat 9 reviews here, it's scary. I include the beta reviews, too. I stopped reading RedHat 9 reviews on osnews after the 3rd. In fact, I have not read this review either.

As for "Just Work", BeOS seems the only OS that fulfills it completely, to my very high standards. Sadly, lack of applications and games make it less attractive, but I can't play Civilization III or HOMM IV or run Finale or Access on Linux, either.