Linked by Mike Reed on Tue 22nd Apr 2003 19:02 UTC
Red Hat I keep reading all these tales of woe of people having bad experiences with Linux. Sure, I've had my own bad experiences, across many an OS, but just lately I've been running a Red Hat Linux 9 desktop full-time at home and have yet to run into any major issue. What follows is an overview of my personal experiences with Linux. But first, a bit about me.
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re: re: good and bad
by TLy on Tue 22nd Apr 2003 20:24 UTC

try playing with the user permissions...your user account might not have permission to compile on the system.

The problem was it had an older version of automake (1.4 I think) which generated incompatible files, then I got error messages regarding aclocal, m4, and then I was lost. (I'll admit, I'm a spoiled Windows programmer with VC++ IDE)

The App installer RedHat made just plain sucks. I don't think it's listing a reasonable number of available packages, or RedHat just doesn't want those packages in their distro so it can't be found even on ftp mirros. KDoc for example, could never find it to instal it. I don't know what it does, but I thought the idea of Linux was to have freedom of software and functionality should I ever need it. I'm using Morphix now, a breed of Debian, and it's the first distro that I've tried thus far that allowed me to install KDoc!

And I don't see a problem with all these articles with the "ping-pong" effect. Heh, I think I remeber someone once commenting that they think OSNews is biased against a certain OS. Well, the "Linux is not ready" article proves that OSNews isn't biased, they post good and bad news about every OS that appears here. Different people have different experiences, the more we read about them the better idea we get about a particular piece of software. If you base your opinion on something just from reading one and only one article, you're not fully educated on that topic.