Linked by Mike Reed on Tue 22nd Apr 2003 19:02 UTC
Red Hat I keep reading all these tales of woe of people having bad experiences with Linux. Sure, I've had my own bad experiences, across many an OS, but just lately I've been running a Red Hat Linux 9 desktop full-time at home and have yet to run into any major issue. What follows is an overview of my personal experiences with Linux. But first, a bit about me.
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by stopdabombing on Wed 23rd Apr 2003 02:11 UTC

Ofcourse everyone one of use is senstive to your Mr. I'm a giant pric needs. Most people don't even use 5% of Ms' Office features. They just want to type in a damn document, and get it done, which would be right for like 90% of everyones needs. But no, mr. screen writter is going to flame a person and program that wasn't designed for writting screen plays.

Huh? Come again? What are you talking about? It wasn't I who VOLUNTEERED about how great/bad OOO is for screenwriting!!!!

If it wasn't designed for it, then why did the author make a POINT of mentioning that very thing? Why did he SPECIFICALLY mention screenwriting? Oh, and he is not a screenwriter - that's supposed to somehow EXCUSE him? I'd rather think the opposite. I'm not a sys admin. It would be rather STUPID of me to pick up a Barbie computer and say: well, I'm a toy designer, but for my sys admin needs (practically non-existent), a Barbie computer is just fine! I think sys admins everywhere would be within their rights to object rather loudly to that. If you don't use a program, STFU, and don't announce loudly to everyone that it is JUST FINE FOR THAT PURPOSE. Yes, OO wasn't designed for it, so don't freakin' claim it is. Either put up - show how it is good enough, or shut up. You can't have it both ways. Only reason I piped up, is because of the idiocy of someone not qualified VOLUNTEERING about a program/function for which he is CLEARLY not qualified. Don't talk nonsense next time. Talk only about what you actually know about, or expect to be called on it. Sheesh!