Linked by Mike Reed on Tue 22nd Apr 2003 19:02 UTC
Red Hat I keep reading all these tales of woe of people having bad experiences with Linux. Sure, I've had my own bad experiences, across many an OS, but just lately I've been running a Red Hat Linux 9 desktop full-time at home and have yet to run into any major issue. What follows is an overview of my personal experiences with Linux. But first, a bit about me.
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He stole my article idea :->
by Johnathan Bailes on Wed 23rd Apr 2003 11:59 UTC

On one hand, it was a bit rosy.

As an experienced linux user the postinstall for RH9 in comparison to other distros is higher but you do get the benefit of your multimedia apps being configured for dvd and having qtx qucktime sorrenson support enabled if the codecs are there (apt source BTW). Also, if you get the plugins for the browser yourself you know they are up to date. I went to the from my suse box at work and had to run off for the latest flash rpm.

However, I was glad to see a living in linux article.

This has been way overdo. Listen the fuss with linux is not the installation where most articles emphasize but the postinstall and the jump in thinking from a Windows world to a unix-style universe and getting use to the new paradigms.

Good to see.