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Red Hat I keep reading all these tales of woe of people having bad experiences with Linux. Sure, I've had my own bad experiences, across many an OS, but just lately I've been running a Red Hat Linux 9 desktop full-time at home and have yet to run into any major issue. What follows is an overview of my personal experiences with Linux. But first, a bit about me.
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RE: screenwriting software
by stopdabombing on Wed 23rd Apr 2003 21:13 UTC

Funny how some folks just can't stick to the issues. The issue is not whether one can't write a "better" screenplay using paper and pencil, or whether Hollywood writers are all just hacks, or how much software costs.

The relevant issue that I addressed is one, and only one: it is a WRONG claim, that you can use OO productively as a screenwriting software in a professional environment. If I read a claim that a given piece of software does X, Y, and Z, I look to verify. If it doesn't do so, I state that fact. Nothing more, nothing less.

The author made a claim that OO is just fine for screenwriting. To someone who has to actually work with such software, it is an absurd claim - and that's all I'm pointing out. In return, there is a bunch of flames about how Hollywood writers are hacks, how the scribe must be bitter, and how expensive professional software is. What has that got to do with the plain ordinary fact that OO is a wholly inadequate program for professional screenwriting?

Really, some of the knee-jerk linux advocates need to relax. I'm not bashing linux or Open Office. But it does nobody any good to misrepresent what the software can and cannot do. It so happens, that I'm trying to shift all my computing to the linux platform. The screenwriting software issue is a major stumbling block for me personally - I have searched diligently for linux alternatives to Final Draft, and come up empty. I can run an early version of FD through WINE, but there is no feature complete linux alternative that runs natively. To then read someone making absurd claims is frustrating.