Linked by Jared White on Thu 24th Apr 2003 17:49 UTC
General Development There are two major varieties of Cocoa available. The first variety, possibly the more well known of the two, is the kind that you can use to make a nice warm cup of chocolate milk. While tasty, it's hardly proper subject matter for an operating systems information site. The second variety is far more on-topic: a programming environment for Apple Mac OS X that is the modern evolution of of the original NeXTSTEP frameworks. That's what I'm here to talk about today.
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Re: GNUstep a Cocoa clone?
by Jared White on Thu 24th Apr 2003 20:17 UTC

Hi Chris,

GNUstep's mission page clearly states "GNUstep's goal is to create a free, superior development environment based on and inspired by the OpenStep standard developed by NeXT Computer Inc. (now Apple Computer Inc.) and the OPENSTEP implementation of this standard."

So, while GNUstep may not be a 100% clone of Cocoa as it stands today, it is (for all intents and purposes) a clone of the original OpenStep specification. The GNUstep project is adding some new classes to maintain compatibility with Cocoa, but there's isn't a 1:1 compatibility ratio. I realize that. On the other hand, while the GNUstep developers are certainly doing a fantastic job, that doesn't mean we shouldn't recognize the fact that GNUstep is basically just a copy of an original specification created by another organization.