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General Development There are two major varieties of Cocoa available. The first variety, possibly the more well known of the two, is the kind that you can use to make a nice warm cup of chocolate milk. While tasty, it's hardly proper subject matter for an operating systems information site. The second variety is far more on-topic: a programming environment for Apple Mac OS X that is the modern evolution of of the original NeXTSTEP frameworks. That's what I'm here to talk about today.
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From what I've read, you can make a null pointer reference in Objective-C. It won't kill your program. However, I've never been able to find out what the result is. Also do you have to give an object a type in Objective-C? Otherwise, how does the compiler know if you're calling the correct method on an object? Why can't you create an object on the stack? I'd have to agree with the camp that doesn't like the square braces. That combined with naming arguments (although that's not required) and Objective-C's memory model makes a statement the equivalent of (Java vector add method):

v.addElement(new Integer(1));

hard to read.