Linked by Jared White on Thu 24th Apr 2003 17:49 UTC
General Development There are two major varieties of Cocoa available. The first variety, possibly the more well known of the two, is the kind that you can use to make a nice warm cup of chocolate milk. While tasty, it's hardly proper subject matter for an operating systems information site. The second variety is far more on-topic: a programming environment for Apple Mac OS X that is the modern evolution of of the original NeXTSTEP frameworks. That's what I'm here to talk about today.
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Re: GNUstep a Cocoa clone?
by Chris on Thu 24th Apr 2003 21:58 UTC

GNUstep's mission page clearly states [...]

GNUstep and Cocoa both are OPENSTEP implementations, plus, both bring along extensions to that specification.

GNUstep does indeed implement some of Cocoa's extensions as well, but the primary focus is a direct OPENSTEP implementation. If it was to go after Cocoa, rest assured that Apple Legal will take a very close look at it...

So, bottom line is, you will be able to write applications using GNUstep and then port over to Cocoa - eg. as Ludovic Marcotte did with GNUMail ( ) - but the other way round will be much harder to do.