Linked by Jared White on Thu 24th Apr 2003 17:49 UTC
General Development There are two major varieties of Cocoa available. The first variety, possibly the more well known of the two, is the kind that you can use to make a nice warm cup of chocolate milk. While tasty, it's hardly proper subject matter for an operating systems information site. The second variety is far more on-topic: a programming environment for Apple Mac OS X that is the modern evolution of of the original NeXTSTEP frameworks. That's what I'm here to talk about today.
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Great Intro!
by manny on Fri 25th Apr 2003 00:31 UTC

I've been looking to the GNUStep framework. I've done only a bit of C/C++ so it's a bit harder for me. I hate having to write a bunch of code and weird macros Just to create a window with a few buttons (aka wxWindows/C++). Using Gorm I created a very simple "hello world" app and wrote very little code. Not only that, my app came with a menu bar and a working exit menu item! And if I drag the menu someplace, it shows up in the same place when I run it again! I didn't write a single line of code to do such things! I like C++ and all, but I don't want to get into wierd things such as virtual methods and such. When python bindings for GNUStep show up I'll definately jump in. I can't wait till part 2!