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General Development There are two major varieties of Cocoa available. The first variety, possibly the more well known of the two, is the kind that you can use to make a nice warm cup of chocolate milk. While tasty, it's hardly proper subject matter for an operating systems information site. The second variety is far more on-topic: a programming environment for Apple Mac OS X that is the modern evolution of of the original NeXTSTEP frameworks. That's what I'm here to talk about today.
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sorry to drag up the [ ]'s again but...
by Quantis on Fri 25th Apr 2003 01:18 UTC

If i recall, the creators of smalltalk orginaly envisaged a language which would be used to teach children how to program computers.
Hence the syntax was designed to be as logical and easy to read as possible, where C etc and C++ were designed by techies and committes looking for the quickest easiest way to achieve a particular task (hence all those stange little syntaxical anomilies which are so much fun to play with when you first learning the bloody things ....)