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Original OSNews Interviews Today we feature an in-depth interview with three members of FreeBSD's Core (Wes Peters, Greg Lehey and M. Warner Losh) and also a major FreeBSD developer (Scott Long). It is a long read, but we touch a number of hot issues, from the Java port to corporate backing, the Linux competition, the 5.x branch and how it stacks up against the other Unices, UFS2, the possible XFree86 fork, SCO and its Unix IP situation, even re-unification of the BSDs. If you are into (any) Unix, this interview is a must read.
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Lack of Java
by MT on Mon 28th Apr 2003 17:56 UTC

Lack of Java is bound to have a significant impact on adoption of FreeBSD at companies.

In Linux (and Windows) we have many great options in terms of development languages and environments (C/C++, Java, Python, Perl), and that allows us to use the right tool for the job.

Sometimes Java is that right tool. Without Java, FreeBSD is missing a major piece.

Hopefully Python (or another higher level language) will mature enough to fully replace Java, at which point FreeBSD won't be left out.